Gardner Heifers Inc is operated by Dr. Don Gardner, Dr. Susan Gardner, Sam Gardner, and Andy Gardner. Come have a look around.


Gardner Heifers Inc. is a family farm dedicated to growing high-quality dairy replacements.  Located in South Central Virginia we raise heifers for customers across the region. The farm has been rated as a 5 Star Dairy Heifer Grower by the Dairy Quality Assurance Center, Inc an independant non-profit veterinary-certified quality assurance organization. The farm received the Conservation Farm of the Year award in 2003.  Balanced TMR rations are provided daily along with a pasture based system which promotes good health and welfare for your heifers.

Animal Health


 All Heifers Receive:

  • Series of vaccinations before arrival on the farm
  • Are isolated for 2-3 weeks after arrival
  • Booster vaccinations on arrival and every 6 months afterwards
  • Spring and fall parasite protection program
  • Pregnancy checks
  • Treatment for any problems that may arise


Feeding program is based on TMR that is supplemented with grazing and hay of a quality required by age of heifer. Smaller heifers get additional hand-fed supplements. From April through December four  8 to 6-cell rotational grazing farms are utilized for some heifers.

Breeding & Records


All heifers are bred AI to semen provided by the heifers owner. Most clients use a mating service whose match ups we implement. Clean up is provided by a registered holstein bull with a calving ease sire.


Complete computer records are kept on every heifer.
1. 2 permanent ID #s–plastic & metal tag.
2. Birthday & sire, entering date, weight, height.
3. Growth Measurements
4. Breeding records & due date
5. Copies mailed to owners each month.

Around the farm

Don Weighs in on Governor's Trip to Cuba

January 6, 2015

Don Gardner had the privilege of weighing in on the relations Virginia’s governor, McAuliffe, has created with Cuba. According to the ABC13 news station, we are one of the first states that has been able to walk away with an agreement to trade with Cuba. Don comments on America’s ability to be one of the most productive farmers in the world and that we have to consider the whole world as our market. To see the full news cast, click here.

WFXR Feature on Sam Gardner’s Achievement

December 11, 2015

WFXR News, our local Fox station, aired an agricultural segment on “Ag Life: Farmer gets state-wide attention.” We had the privilege of spending the day with Sophia Borrelli, a WFXR reporter, and enlightening her on our operation. The segment talked about Sam Gardner’s recent Virginia Farm Bureau Young Farmers Achievement Award, the growth the operation that has been undergoing, as well as the impact the farm can make to employ people in the community. To view Sam on the news, click the following link.

Two Gardners’ Win Virginia Achievement Award

December 7, 2015

We are excited to announce that Sam and Ashley Gardner have won the Virginia Farm Bureau Young Farmers Achievement Award. Last year, Sam and Ashley received runner up at the state level. The Achievement Award typically looks for couples that are well rounded and show growth in a farming operation. Since Sam became president of Gardner Heifers, we have grown from 400 to over 850 head. The award also looks at the individuals’ leadership involvement in farm bureau, at both the county and state level, as well as community involvement. Sam and Ashley are past state Young Farmers committee members. Sam currently serves as vice chair on the Bedford County Young Farmers committee and Ashley serves as the Bedford County Women’s Committee Chair. Sam and Ashley will attend the American Farm Bureau conference in Orlando, Florida, January 8-10 to compete for the National title. Ten finalists will be chosen and interviewed to determine who will be the American Farm Bureau Young Farmer Achievement Award winner.

About Us!

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The Crew

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Don and Susie Gardner

Don Gardner graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1970.  He started at the Bedford Animal Hospital in 1972 and has been practicing veterinarian for 42 years.  Don started Gardner Bovine Veterinary Service in 1980.  He started Gardner Custom Heifer Raising in 1985.  He has served on the original task force that started the Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Association in 1998. He previously served as SE Regional Director, Vice-President and then president of PDHGA in 2001. He received PDHGA’s highest award, the Cady award in 2004.  He previously served as president of the Virginia Academy of Food Animal practitioners and currently serves as VAFAP secretary-treasurer.  Has spoken at over 20 national and international veterinary conferences. He currently serves on the Bedford County Agricultural Economic Development Advisory Board as production and management chairman. Has served on numerous American Association of Bovine Practitioners committees and was awarded their Bovine Practitioner of the Year in 2011.


Susie Cheuvront Gardner Grew up in rural Virginia and West Virginia with farm animals while family operated small business in the area which gave added business office background

Veterinarian: Graduated from Oklahoma State University Vet Med in 1970. Spent 10 years in general rural practice, started Bedford Animal Hospital.  Spent 10 years in beef cattle practice at a livestock market.  Spent 10 years as director/diagnostician for Virginia Dept. Agriculture.

Farming:  Began farming with beef cattle and some hogs.  The farm evolved into dairy heifer business 25 years ago.  Now, with the entire family, grow about 700 dairy heifers from weaning.

Family: Dr. Don Gardner, husband and classmate from vet school.  Sons:  Andrew Gardner with daughter in law Katherine and their son Grant.  Sam Gardner and daughter in law Ashley.

Daily duties: Sec/Treas. for Gardner Heifers which is daily bookkeeping. Favorite job is observing the cattle on the home farm, daily feeding the family and often the farm workers.

Other Interest: Family and entertaining, gardening, fishing, wild flowers.

Professional Organizations: Bedford County Farm Bureau of Directors, Bedford County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee Chairmen.  Va Food Animal Practitioners Assoc., Va. Veterinary Med. Assoc., American Association of Bovine Practitioner.


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Andy and Katie Gardner with Grant

Andy grew up working on the farm. After graduating high school he attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Science with a minor in Meteorology. Since then, he has maintained a dual career. He divides his time equally between being a commercial pilot flying primarily internationally and raising world-class dairy heifers. While he travels all over the world, he always loves coming back to the farm. Andy is married to Katie and they have a son named Grant.

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Sam and Ashley Gardner

  • The Crew

    The Crew

  • Don and Susie Gardner

    Don and Susie Gardner

  • Andy and Katie Gardner with Grant

    Andy and Katie Gardner with Grant

  • Sam and Ashley Gardner

    Sam and Ashley Gardner


Gardner Heifers Inc.

1751 Gardner Farm Road

Huddleston, VA 24104

Phone: 540-297-7444
Don’s Cell: 540-871-0246
Sam’s Cell: 540-871-0247
Email: gardnerheifers@gmail.com

or Don directly-

Email: dlggar@aol.com

You want the best for your cows. Expect the best for your heifers.


Gardner Farm has been in operation since 1972 and has been raising dairy heifers for over 25 years. Located in Bedford County Virginia, we are about 15 mins southwest of Lynchburg Virginia and 40 mins east of Roanoke Virginia.